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"Infertility doctors gave up -- Sherry had no doubt!"

Sherry is the absolute best! She worked with me to clean my body of all the toxins so that we could get pregnant. After years of failed infertility and nasty injections, and medications, Sherry worked with me for six months before I became pregnant naturally! Infertility doctors gave up -- Sherry had no doubt! Sherry has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Sherry!!

- Alexandra M.

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"I'm 69 years old and take no prescription drugs!!!"

I started Nutrition Response Testing in April of 2015.  I wasn’t sure what it was all about but I was willing to give it a try.  When I filled out the questionnaire I think I left out some of my complaints.  I was afraid they would tell me they couldn’t help me.  I had some autoimmune issues, thyroid problems, vertigo, acid reflux, high cholesterol, allergies, migraines, headaches, was on hormones but still had hot flashes.  It seemed like I was always sick with something!  I’m a retired teacher and take instructions very well.  I strayed on the program and got sugar out of my diet.  I had some rough times but I knew that if I just kept eating right and taking the supplements my body needed that eventually I would feel better.  In May of 2016, I had a physical and all my blood test were excellent!!!  I’m 69 years and take no prescription drugs!!!  I feel so much better and lost 30 pounds along the way!

- Kathryn H.

"I would recommend her to anyone looking for help."

I had pancreatitis, horrible ovarian pain, nausea, and overall fatigue.  I had bad bloating and extra weight around the abdominal area as well.  I was in so much pain when I came to see Sherry, it hurt me to even have yoga pants on.


After a few visits with Sherry I find myself full of energy, I have no pain as long as I stay on my program and my nutrition is good.  I have been so blessed to have met Sherry. Sherry really cares and she looks for a natural solution to each problem.  I never once felt like just a number.  Sherry is such a wonderful person.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for help. Thank you Sherry!


- Angel W.

"...I have had so much more Energy..."

I always felt lethargic and felt destined to be a slave to pharmaceuticals.  At 22, I felt as exhausted as an 80-year-old.

Since I began the program, I have had so much more energy and have resolved even the most minor symptoms just by simply giving my body what it needs to repair itself.

- Anna-Maria R.

"I didn't know what I was going to do, but I knew I did not want the surgery!"

I grew up playing sports.  I always considered myself an “athlete”. I played baseball, football, basketball, ran cross country and track.  When I got older, I I contined to run and play softball, basketball and volleyball.  I never had a weight problem or had any serious health issues.  I was always thin and actually had trouble gaining weight. I could eat as much as I wanted and work if off.


People told me that would change as I got older, but I knew better. I “knew” what was healthy and not healthy and could control myself to eat the right things and continue to work out.  However, like many people of my generation, my lifestyle became more sedentary and my eating habits remained about the same.  I always had to have seconds and often treated myself to sweets, especially a late-night dis of ice cream or a morning donut.  The weight never got out of hand, but I became more and more uncomfortable. I often felt “stuffed” and uncomfortable.  I did not like the profile of the person I saw in the mirror!


On Friday, February 6th, I ate a big lunch, then picked up dinner on the way home that night. I didn’t need that much, but ate a large dinner anyway.  As I lay down to sleep that night I felt very uncomfortable, like I had severe indigestion. I had not experienced indigestion like this before, so I self-diagnosed it as acid reflux and tried to tough it out that night. About 2:30 AM I finally felt some relief and went to sleep.


The following Tuesday I went to the Doctor to confirm my diagnosis.  He checked me out and sent me over to a lab to have some tests run.  He called me later that day to inform me that I was having gall bladder attacks and he scheduled surgery for me that afternoon!  I was to wait for a call from the surgeon, then report to the hospital and have surgery late that afternoon.  The surgeon’s office called me and said the Doctor wasn’t available that day, but I should come in the next morning to talk to him about having the surgery.  Although I was reluctant, I decided to keep the appointment, but to try to talk the surgeon out of the surgery and ask him for other options.  I went to the appointment, but walked out of the waiting room without even meeting with him.  I know it wasn’t in HIS best interest to give me alternatives to surgery. Everyone told me to go ahead and have the surgery, then I could eat anything I wanted.  I wasn’t convinced that was the ONLY option.  I ate somewhat better the next few days, but on February 20, another Friday afternoon, I had another attack.  I reluctantly called my Doctor’s office and they basically said “I told you so” and told me to call the surgeon and reschedule.  I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew I did not want the surgery!


Two days later, at church, Sherry Lewis approached me about coming to her office for Nutrition Response Testing.  I agreed, and began coming in that Tuesday.  I was skeptical of the techniques used, but began seeing positive results with a few weeks.  Now, after four months, I have learned to eat better and avoid the foods that contributed to me being bloated and uncomfortable all the time.  Several other aches and pains have disappeared, and as a bonus, I’ve lost 20 pounds and have gone down 2 notches on my belt.  Passing on the sweets isn’t so hard any more.


- Ron L.

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